Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is a hand ailment in which the fingers of the hand can become locked in a flexed position. Many Houston area trigger finger patients come to Dr. Polsen because he is a highly recognized hand surgeon.

Hand injuries can manifest in several different ways, some more or less convenient than others. In fact, many of these hand ailments can be exceptionally painful, especially when they are the results of repetitive motions. One of these ailments is a condition known as stenosing tenosynovitis, more commonly known as “Trigger Finger.” A patient suffering from trigger finger commonly notes pain around the index finger (although not exclusively), sometimes stretching into the thumb. In many cases, the finger will become “locked” in a flexed position—resembling that of a finger around a trigger.

Trigger finger tends to manifest most often in patients who engage in repetitive motions with their hands. The tendons around the finger become inflamed, causing pressure and pain as the tendon attempts to slide through its sheath. In some cases, the tendon gets so swollen that the finger then becomes locked in place. There are several ways to treat Trigger Finger, depending on the extent of the injury. If you are experiencing pain or loss of mobility, contact Clear Lake Hand Center immediately to schedule a consultation. We treat many Trigger Finger patients in the Houston and Clear Lake area.

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What Are the Symptoms of Trigger Finger?

Trigger finger symptoms can manifest slowly and over time, especially with repetitive motion. While symptoms manifest most often in the index finger, any of the fingers can be affected by this condition. The following symptoms are most often associated with Trigger Finger:

  • A finger locked in flexed position (like a trigger finger)
  • A nodule forming around the base of the impacted finger (usually in the form of a bump or of tenderness)
  • A finger that “pops” back into a straight position after being caught in a flexed position
  • A click or pop sound when you flex your finger
  • Stiffness in the finger, especially in the morning or when you first wake up

These symptoms will vary from patient to patient. Some patients will experience symptoms but not necessarily notice them (though the pain caused by this ailment will be difficult to ignore).

What Are the Treatments for Trigger Finger?

At his Houston hand clinic, Dr. Polsen offers a few different treatments for Trigger Finger, depending on the severity of the symptoms and the progression of the inflammation. In some cases, ice and rest can be enough to mitigate some of the most painful symptoms (this diminishes the inflammation of the tendon). However, in many cases, surgery will be necessary to mitigate the pain caused by Trigger Finger.

During surgery, a small incision will be made in the hand. In most cases, a hole will be cut in the sheath around the tendon. While this does not immediately diminish inflammation, it reduces friction and diminishes pain. Over time—along with a reduction in repetitive motion—this can help diminish the discomfort caused by Trigger Finger.

Dr. Polsen, who has experience treating Trigger Finger patients in Houston and who come to see him, and it’s likely that he may be able to help you if you are suffering from pain in the hand. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Polsen, contact the staff at Clear Lake Hand Center to get started.

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