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Houston Wrist Pain Specialist | Clear Lake Hand Center Wrist Treatment

Wrist Pain

Wrist pain can come from a variety of sources. To find out where your wrist pain is coming from, contact Clear Lake Hand Center, near Houston, TX, to schedule an appointment with Dr. Charles Poslen.

One of the most common complaints from patients who come to see Dr. Polsen seems so simple: pain. Wrist pain, in particular, can be quite debilitating and uncomfortable, given how much people tend to use their wrists throughout the course of their daily routines. You may not think about it until every movement sends a jolt of pain through your hand. Wrist pain can have many sources and come in a few different forms of severity. Depending on the degree of pain and the cause of the problem, there are quite a few therapies and treatments available if you are suffering from wrist pain.
In other words, wrist pain is not something you have to suffer through. You can make an appointment with a qualified hand surgeon to help determine and treat the root cause of your problem or to address the symptoms of your wrist ailment. Dr. Polsen is a well regarded hand surgeon practicing and serving patients of wrist pain in the Houston area. If you are suffering from wrist pain, contact us today.

What Can Cause Wrist Pain?

There are many potential causes when it comes to wrist pain, each of them with their own root problem or development. In many cases, wrist pain is caused by repetitive motion, while in other cases it may be caused by trauma to the wrist. After all, the wrist itself is a relatively delicate collection of bones and tendons. These are some of the ailments that may be causing your wrist pain:

  • De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis: This particular ailment is known by pain in the wrist and often in the thumb. It is caused by repetitive motion and, more specifically, by an inflammation of the tendon. This can be corrected either by anti-inflammatory drugs or by surgery.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrom: Perhaps the most well known of all syndromes, sometimes wrist pain can be caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This syndrome is caused by inflammation of the tendons and is usually traced back to repetitive motion.
  • Trauma to the Wrist: If you have experienced any type of wrist trauma, from a laceration to a broken bone, there may be lingering pain in the wrist. There’s potential that the wrist healed in a weaker state. Sometimes this can be addressed through treatment. Sometimes you may not know that your wrist has experienced a trauma. If you experience pain in your wrist, it’s a good idea to get it checked out.

How Do I Treat Wrist Pain?

If you are experiencing wrist pain, it will likely be necessary for you to see a professional hand surgeon to determine the cause and treatment. After all, there are many possible causes of wrist pain, and each will have its own specific treatment regimen. To get the best possible results, an accurate diagnosis will be necessary and a specially trained medical professional is the best place to get such a diagnosis.
Dr. Polsen is a hand surgeon practicing in Clear Lake, TX, and has treated many Houston area wrist pain patients. If you are experiencing wrist pain, contact Clear Lake Hand Center to schedule a consultation and get started on the road to recovery.

Schedule a Consultation

Dr. Polsen is committed to helping his patients improve the quality of their life by providing technologically-advanced care in a comfortable setting. Call the Clear Lake Hand Center at 281-334-HAND where you can discuss your concerns, and if appropriate, schedule a consultation for evaluation.

Talk with a Specialist

Dr Polsen and his staff did such an excellent job on my carpal tunnel and cubital release surgery that I am considering having the other one done. The results were better than I expected. I wish that I hadn't waited so long to have the surgery. Highly Recommend!

- Actual Patient