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Worker's Comp for Hand Injuries in Houston | Clear Lake Hand Center

Getting Worker's Compensation

If you suffered a hand injury on the job and could not work as a result, you might be entitled to a claim for worker's comp for a hand injury.

It’s not uncommon for your hands to become hurt or injured while you’re on the job. It’s not just manual labor that can put hands at risk. Even repetitive motion, if not managed properly, can cause trauma to the hands. That’s why many of our patients ask us about Worker’s Compensation and how that applies to injuries of the hand. In fact, many patients simply ask: can I get worker’s compensation for this injury?

The answer to that question depends largely on the nature of the injury, the time of injury, and the overall laws and contracts governing the workplace. In other words, it can be a pretty complicated situation, and finding your way through it can be difficult. Worker’s compensation claims concerning the hand are actually relatively common. In fact, it’s not unusual for hand injuries to be among the fourth most common type of worker’s comp injury in any given year.

What is Worker’s Compensation?

Without getting into any legal complexities (and it should be noted that this section should not be considered legal advice in any shape, way, or form), it might be useful to discuss what exactly worker’s compensation is. In most cases during which people refer to “worker’s comp,” they’re actually referring to a specialized form of insurance.

Essentially, this insurance states that workers are entitled to medical expenses and lost wages should they become injured on the job. These injured workers are entitled to those wages and medical expenses for the duration of the injury. In return, workers generally give up their right to sue for negligence causing the injury. Of course, every state is different, so laws will generally vary (slightly or significantly) by area.

Most workers receive these benefits no matter who happens to be at fault, so long as the injury occurs in the work place or while an employee is clocked in.

Is My Injury Covered by Worker’s Compensation?

Because these laws tend to be somewhat opaque and complex, there can sometimes be a question as to whether your injury is covered by worker’s compensation. Dr. Polsen has a significant amount of experience helping patients through this process, having treated a wide variety of work-related injuries.

You might be eligible for worker’s comp for hand injuries in Houston if any (though not necessarily all) of the following are true:

  • You required surgery to repair a workplace hand injury
  • You were unable to work for a period of time due to a workplace hand injury
  • You required medical care due to a workplace hand injury
  • You needed to be retrained or required physical therapy due to a hand injury

As such, worker’s compensation can cover a wide variety of potential hand injury, up to and including the following:

If you want to know more about your potential injury, or see if you are eligible for worker’s comp for hand injuries in Houston, please contact the offices of Dr. Polsen in order to discuss your current injury and situation. As one of the premiere hand surgeons in the Houston area, Dr. Polsen can treat a wide array of hand injuries and issues.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Polsen and our staff, please contact Clear Lake Hand Center today! Contact us by e. mail or call (281) 334-4263 today!

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